Thursday, 16 February 2012

NYFW: Proenza Schouler

   Leave it to Jack and Lazaro to take such a vague notion as "protection" and turn it into a masterpiece collection. I mean really, how are we all supposed to move on from this whole Proenza Schouler obsession craze if they keep on with these fabulous ways? Well, looks like street style blogs will be dominated once again with J and L creations. Eat your heart out Tommy Ton.

    Inspired by the East, models were sent down the catwalk in intriguing architectural creations with references to kimonos and karate gis; think asymmetrical closures, stiff cottons, and leather karate belt ties on skirts. The second grouping saw to some stunning leatherwork...strips cut and woven into the basket-work embellishment of what is sure to become one of the signature jackets for the season. I, however, find myself drawn toward that incredible leather ladder layer, or full-sleeved quilted number. 
    The last grouping had more explicit Eastern references, tastefully combined with the urbanity of New York; quilted satin varsity jackets with embroidered pheasants, paired with woven paillette skirts, and structured mini-dresses in pastoral brocade.

    All in all, a collection confirming two things; that generosity is in with wide-legged trousers and spacious outerwear, and that Jack and Lazaro indeed maintain their black belts of fashion into the Autumn/Winter '13 season.

Full collection/review here

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