Sunday, 19 February 2012

LFW: Simone Rocha

    Simone Rocha, having graduated less than two years ago from Central Saint Martins, has been a very busy girl indeed. Showing at London's Fashion East for the past couple of seasons, she has also managed to design a six-piece capsule collection for Top Shop, create a cult-following for her Perspex-heeled brogues, and capture the attention of buyers across the globe. Better keep a close watch on this rising star, because she's streaking along getting brighter all the time.

    For the Autumn/Winter 2012-13 season, Simone met her runway debut with a style I like to refer to as Day-Dream. As in; classic streetwear, made airy by fanciful detailing and textures (ahem, illusively eternal tip-toed lace-ups). Examples of aforementioned style were seen in Linton tweed skirts, veiled and softened by tulle, liquid silver leather coats, and wool knits and tassels on collars. True to form, where Simone Rocha truly left her mark was in the pique of textural elements. Dreamy lace, fluffy wild mohairs, and wool tufted PVC heightened each piece to subtle outlandishness and perfection...


    In what we can assume is to be a Simone signature, lace ups and clunky flats were heeled with layered wood and Perspex, upper bodies tying in textures from the collection. Shoe-ins for many a buyer's pre-order I'm sure. Rocha also offered up some fantastic millinery; delightful crochet plays on an inverted visor that I'm oddly fond of despite my general association of said headgear with the Wangster Wave of late elementary school and geeky tourist garb. For the sake of reason we'll call it nostalgic pity love...

    All style psychoanalysis aside though, Simone Rocha has incontestably established her spot on the Must-See lists of fashion oglers around the globe. For those of you remiss to notice her inevitable ascent to success; don't cry when we tell you we told you so.

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