Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fashion Freshies: Ruth Holland

    It's SHOWTIME at the University of Art London, and the school has released some promising talents to add to your To-Watch lists. One favorite was 2012 grad Ruth Holland, who upcycled industrial waste materials in the twisting, knotting, and braiding of string and plastic cording into fantastical neckwear. In sublime hues that would fit most comfortably upon the pastel canvases of this season's trend, each piece was constructed with incredible attention to detail. Their chunky, almost primitive composition, combined with eye-popping colour combinations would make Ms. Hollands adornments a joy to work with editorially (and most certainly a joy for me to work with in my closet). One man's garbage, as they say...and I would be ready to take one of these treasures home in an instant.

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