Monday, 31 October 2011

Trick-Or-Treat Bag?

Somarta Skull Bag <3

Theatre Products

Theatre Products is Akira Takeuchi, Tayuka Nakanshi, and Kao Kanamori, a Japanese design trio revered for kitschy themes and innovative presentations (the latest being a faux pop-up shop complete with scanners and musical bar codes). Forever keen to discover new over-seas favorites, I took a scroll through their beautifully designed website ( Definitely worth checking out!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

O' Hallows Eve with McQueen

Christmas is about giving, Thanksgiving is about acknowledging what we're thankful for, and Halloween is about...getting dressed up in tiny outfits, spending a fortune just to get IN to the bar, and waiting for an hour in the frigid fall darkness for a cab.

Yes, it is a perplexing one to say the least. One thing we can say in certainty, nevertheless, is that Halloween is a night for all things bloody, bony, and barbed to creep out of their holes and imbue the masses with trepidation.

As a tribute to McQueen, darkling darling passed, the house released an eerie film, displaying variations of the iconic skull scarves in dynamic motion. Sitting at just under a minute, Babette Pauthier's work has come at a perfect time. If I could choose one designer to go trick-or-treating with, I know that I would have chosen McQueen...

To see the video, click HERE

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Literary Triumphs

Today the Man Booker Prize was awarded and although I often find myself submersed, and unable to tear myself away from the long list of literature past, it is all the same crucial to remain in the know of the bookish revolutionaries of our own time...

The Top Dog Title: Julian Barnes for his short novel, "The Sense of an Ending", which explores an individuals memory, and how we often amend the past in order to suit our own well-being.

Shortlisted Canadian compatriots: Patrick Dewitt's modern-classic Western "The Sisters Brothers", and Esi Edugyan's "Half Blood Blues", a tale of music, race, sacrifice, and loyalty set during the Nazi reign.

Seems as though I may have a few new items to add to my fall reading list...

Monday, 17 October 2011

Hidden Gems

It was my much anticipated First Day of Kindergarten, and I donned my most cherished frock for the occasion, lifting if ceremoniously from my bed where it had been laid out the evening prior, and slipping it on with the clumsiness prone to short stubby fingers. I stood admiring my work in the mirror before being whisked out the door, daydreaming of the friends I would make.

Fastforeward to morning recess. In an attempt to impress, I had shown off my signature Upside Down monkey bar routine, displaying to all underpants. Thus ensued my decade long tomboy phase.

Although I have come a long way in making ammends with the limitations of skirts, dresses, and other feminine wares, I will always be a tomboy at heart. For this reason, I am loving this street amical merger of the fabulous, and the dressed down casual of menswear... 

Courtesy of Fashionologie

Sunday, 2 October 2011


    Some of my most fondest memories were of those mornings when I was awoken by my parents to leave for our summer camping trips. It would be dark and quiet, the only sounds in the pre-morning hour being the rustle of last minute preparations, the shuffle of sleep-laden feet to the car. I would be held in a kind of suspended state...somewhere between the oppressive remnants of slumber, and the quivering anticipation of a new adventure.
    Why the sudden nostalgia? Tomorrow brings a not-so-bright and early departure to Tofino, where I will finally get the chance to get up and surf some waves (well, we'll have to see about the getting up part). Sure, the weather forecast is looking rather menacing, and yes, the water will be rather frigid, but I am excited nonetheless.

   We'll see if my summer diet of Pabst and cigarettes has left me with a Wave Warrior physique. But hey, so long as you have a theme song, you're practically a pro right? So here is mine... let's hope it pumps me up enough to battle through and catch some surf...