Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Little Bit Eternal

   Those of you who know me are most likely familiar with my general disdain for all things gushy and romantic (unless of course, in the form of avowal of love for a particularly breathtaking runway creation). This little nugget, however, managed to tug at my denied heartstrings. Who knows, maybe my subconscious is more susceptible to this whole pre-Valentines Day hype than I would like to admit.

    The invasive and ice-heart-melting piece in question is "A Little Bit Eternal", a short film portrait of designer Rick Owens and eccentric counterpart Michele Lamy. Directed by Danielle Levitt and Jake Magee, the feature follows the darkling lovers through their collaboration in the latest addition to the Owens Empire; furniture. Yet joined artistic endeavours merely heighten the sense of perfection in romantic union. There are no fluttering of the lashes, bashful pecks on the cheeks, or irksome PDA; only two outlandish beings creating in anomaly together, and isolated from the rest of the world.

    "I really can't imagine being with anybody else. I mean, who else could be the right match?", mused casually a candid Rick.

    Well, I can't say that I could help him there. They seem to be, as They say, "a match made in Heaven". Or, as would be more appropriate, in a dimly lit room furnished beautifully and outlandishly in Owens-Lamy fashion.

    To witness the film that finally broke my aversion to romance, and for a preview of the stunning furniture to come, "A Little Bit Eternal" may be watched on Another Mag HERE


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