Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A new leaf

As the sun's rays ebb, and rain drives the less brave indoors, bundling up and retreating to the universe of print becomes all the more appealing. For students, it's a time for buckling down, and ploughing through thick texts and indecipherable formulas. For the rest of us, it's a chance to catch up on the 'must-read' books we bought and left gathering dust whilst we frisked in the sunlight and danced into lingering evenings. Here is the first and ever-changing draft of my Fall Reading List...

(In no particular order...)

Nine Stories- J.D. Salinger

Portnoy's Complaint- Philip Roth

The Recognitions- William Gladdis

Jonathan Livingston Seagull- Richard Bach

A Handful of Dust- Evelyn Waugh

American Psycho- Bret Easton Ellis

What's on your list?


Maison Scotch

     At the beginning of every season, the wind brings a fresh, distinctive scent to the air. Whether it be the warm, molasses slow trickle of summer, or the sharp mint crisp of winter, I find myself stressed and hard-pressed to gather and sort the sundry trends of the upcoming Now. So multifaceted is my repertoire of runway-ogling that when the time comes to define my 'new' style, I am overwhelmed with possibility.
     What I have come to realize, is that despite my carefully coveted multitudes of fashion heart-aches, I am, in fact, a Simple Girl. When Fashion Week rolls in, I am swept up in the glamorous, the bold, the fantastic...but in the end, what I feel most comfortable in is a perhaps-too-well-loved sweater, broken-in jeans, and scuffed leather boots. And you know what? It doesn't make me any the less a devotee to the world of fashion...just maybe less of a slave to the Must-have, Must-wear world.

So the platform for my fall look, you ask?...

Vive la simplicité!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

New Kid on the Block

 This past June, graduates of the Royal College of Art MA fashion program presented their debut collections. Amidst the multitude of promising up-coming talent, 4 were chosen by Another Magazine to be highlighted through a digital mag photoshoot. One newcomer in particular caught my eye...

Photography by Rasha Kahil
Styling by Nobuko Tannawa
for Anothermag

Deep jewel tones, harmonious divergences in fabric textures, and intriguing knits were seen with VICTORIA ALICE HILL's graduate collection. "I was mainly concerned with the way garments control and release around the body, creating both movement and shape..." Well, needless to say, the thought process culminated into a beautifully laid-back, yet glamorously intriguing work that has established her firmly on my Those-to-Watch list.

For Another's full coverage of the graduates click here...http://www.anothermag.com/current/view/1350/Royal_College_of_Art_MA_Fashion_Graduates