Sunday, 22 January 2012


  I had the pleasure of having Ty as my styling and communications teacher when I was attending the Fashion Merch program at Blanche. He quickly became a mentor for me; this man had been everywhere, had checked off virtually everything on his career to-do list. His resume, which he handed around our class one day, was a laundry list of amazing designers he had worked for, coveted British magazines of which he had been an editor, celebrated photographers he had worked alongside when styling editorials. Oh, and he had trained with the New York Ballet Company. In short, Tyler Udall is Kind of a Big Deal. 

    His most recent focus? Photography. And unsurprisingly, he has taken to it with grace and humble finesse.    Tyler's photographs play out like an intimate journal of the lives around him.They are dreamy, haunting, nostalgic, and barefaced accounts of youth, transformation, hopelessness, and enchantment. They are snapshots you might find in your attic; quiet and evocative views that grant you access to a personal world unknown.

    Tyler has his first collection of works published with OHWOW, and an archive of his multifaceted endeavours on his website.

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