Monday, 16 January 2012

Pitti Uomo; I Libri Di Tenere Su A

    I am a self-professed book worm. When the Harry Potter series got particularily thrilling and magical, I would actually read whilst walking to school. Looking back, it's a miracle that I survived elementary school with my wedgie, swirly, and noogie virginities intact. Perhaps the playground bullies feared that I may use my carefully studied Hogwarts spells on them...

    You can, therefore, imagine my excitement in discovering the bookish creations of Olympia Le-Tan (see, I wasn't a nerd, I was just avant-garde!). A minaudière that allowed you to always keep your favorite works by your side? Brilliant. I have always thought that a well-loved book is the best accessory one can have, and OLT's charming hand-embroidered pieces are certainly of one of my most coveted-at-a-distance collections.

    This year, Olympia was invited to present as a guest designer at Pitti Uomo. Showing at the Museo Bellini, the designer chose to play on an ode to classic Italian cinema and literature, displaying clutch-able representations of 36 titles. Enlisting the aid of her friends, and the celebrated eye of photographer Max Farago, Le-Tan had companions in frozen embodiment of characters from each of the masterpieces holding on to the corresponding OLT chef d'oeuvre...

Annabelle Dexter-Jones for L'Avventura

Gregory Bernard for Divorzio all’ Italiana

Thomas Lenthal for Otto e Mezzo

Cecile Cassel for Il Deserto Rosso

Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni for Senso

Cleo Le-Tan and Andrew Richardson for Il Gattopardo

Tilda Swinton for Teorema 

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