Sunday, 29 January 2012


    Some mornings, I'll open my closet doors and simply stare, frozen in drowsy bewilderment. With years of thrifting, sporadic spending allowances, and the thirst for whatever semblance of ogled runway looks I can find spilling out, I am faced with a quandary that is sometimes too early-risen to face (most notably on mornings after the poor decision of a late night, weekday concert). Do I go with eclectic grunge? 70s romance? Or perhaps the androgynous power look? And then I sigh, shrug my shoulders, and pull at random.

    What I have come to realize is that on such mornings, all I truly want is clean, easy simplicity. And although I hold all of my crazy, statement-making pieces dear, no wardrobe is complete without the staples to hold it all together. 

    The boys of designer label Palmer//Harding are capitalizing on this fact with stunning collections based solely around a certain neglected basic; the shirt...

    Launched for this S/S of 2012 season at London Fashion Week, Palmer//Harding have taken this often disregarded basic,  and twisted, pleated, and tucked it into works of art. "By focusing on a single garment the designs can be seen in a pure form, without distraction, highlighting the progressive beauty and craft of the garments." An interesting concept. There's no hiding poor craftsmanship, nor overlooking of detail on a crisp white button-up. Which is a good thing, because you would be remiss to pass over the romantic structure and attention to detail in these shirts. 

    Most importantly, Palmer//Harding are reigniting our love for the investment piece. This collection is timeless; one could don that gathered neck short-sleeved number years from now with the trouser cut/jewellery/general adornment of the moment and look just as lovely and put together as if worn today. I know I've been inspired to make my next purchase to a well-tailored staple. My wardrobe (and future sleepy morning self) will thank the boys of P//H for it.

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