Thursday, 12 January 2012

What a Girl Wants

   Faceless Boy on the left is a great example of how dressing fashionably does not necessarily negate your manhood. Now don't get me wrong, I think it's fabulous and all seeing guys with nicer legs that I have, rocking short shorts, capes, head scarves, and the like. That shit takes courage, and I applaud them (and secretly weep) for looking better in a skirt than I do. For me though, these men are ethereal creatures; they are flighty and fantastical, nice to look at, but they don't do anything for me in terms of appealing to my "I would like to jump your bones" senses.
    F.B., as he shall be known for the remainder of this ramble, has got it down. Broken down into elementary pieces, he is all man, class, and convention:

button-up shirt-check
pocket square-check
nice watch-check

   Great, traditional maleness of the outfit is all accounted for. Next, the style element. Add in a tartan weave to the jacket, a contrasting yet harmonious Norwegian print for the tie and F.B. has mastered the mix of prints. The denim shirt is a nice substitute to its dressier cousin that not only begets a more laid-back look, but introduces character and an All-American lax that brings the style and colour play together. Finish off with some clunky arm bands (for the sake of the male psyche, we shall refrain from deeming it jewellery) and F.B.'s look is complete; testosterone intact, and all over desirability increased ten fold.

    There is a 'rule' out there that I have quoted int the past that states that  it should take 15 min to tell a man is well dressed, and I do think that it was correct at some point in this ever-changing world. However, in these days where the rules of dress have been completely deconstructed, it's nice to see a man who knows how to maintain the foundations of formality (some of us out there, whether we deny it or not, still dig that charming gallantry shit), yet is also able to create a style with character and intrigue. Us girls like a sense of pique and mystery in our men, and a great style is an easy way to reel 'em in before even having to utter that oh-so cultivated pick-up line.


Snapshot via Tommy Ton x

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