Sunday, 8 January 2012

Richard Haines

    I have always been a doodler. I'm that girl; bent over an old pay stub with a sharpie whilst waiting for the bus, filling in the margins of Hilroy stationary, scrawling on Post-Its and leaving them about the counters at work...

    This year though (another added clause to my informal 2012 contract), I am going to set aside the self-inflicted security of a 'silly' pastime, opting instead for a commitment to illustration. The thing about 'just doodling' is that it cannot truly be judged, which is why I always dismissed admiration of my sketches. "They're just doodles" state I, not just for the sake of brushing off their ability to judge, but for my own self-judgement. No longer! Setting aside my apprehensions of failure, this year I'm going to go to some live-drawing classes to try and develop the skills and style that I have always wanted to achieve in illustration.

    In the search for inspiration, I stumbled upon the work of the lovely Richard Haines...

    I love his humble technique; loose and easy silhouettes, sprawling paint lines, and simplified details. It makes the charming character of his subjects stand out all the more. Haines keeps a blog of his extant character renderings and projects, which you may find here

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  1. just found this! thank you so much, and yes, keep drawing!