Monday, 9 January 2012

Before the Fall: Givenchy

    In these days where stock markets around the world are precariously perched on the edge of peril, the fashion world is left wobbling on the brink between two distinct movements. Some Pre-Fall collection sects showed a push for versatile and safe go-tos to offer the panicked masses a sense of security in their wardrobes. On the other end of the spectrum were those of the school of thought that, hey, if you're going to dole it out, it might as well be to something fantastic and fresh.

     A Givenchy woman "wants a strong look for pre-fall; it's no different than the runway collections", stated Mr.Tisci.

     Can you tell which team Givenchy is playing for? Really, I don't think anyone expected anything else from a strong-willed and imaginative talent such as Riccardo Tisci. And you know what? We love him for fulfilling our presumptions; any true coveteur of fashion would, regardless of how tightly our Chanel woven chains are wound.

What Givenchy lacked in frugality of style, was made up for in signature utilitarian structure. Jackets were re-inforced with camelhair fabric lining to provide precision in shape.

1970s French equestrian style inspired an intriguing new silhouette for a pant. I love how he cut them enough to hint, but not enough to transform the streets into a horseback riding convention.

The boots were of Tisci's most barefaced avowals to the League of Dissidents of the Safe.

Army greens and twig jewellery.

A familiar luxe fabric.

A familiar face.

    For full coverage of Givenchy's Pre-Fall collection, see here.

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