Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hunting for Yeti

     It is cold today in our City of Glass. I mean that kind of cold where your face freezes on your walk to work, so that when the Starbucks cashier asks "whaddaya want?", you can barely summon the facial mobility to chatter, "latte, extra hot, no sleeve." Siberian, if you will.

    Which got me thinking about warm clothing and my lack-thereof. Which, in turn, had me digging through my overflowing file of loved photos for this little snapshot (courtesy of The Sartorialist). For, although I am an avid layer enthusiast and will take any excuse to add another something on top of my something else, I am also a believer in the 'Yeti' coat. That is, a big, heavy coat that looks as though you skinned a large mythical creature to construct. See below...

   We are talking maximum warmth. This girl is toasty and stylish, with the added bonus of having that bad ass 'just wrastled me an Arctic sasquatch' look (which pairs well with those boots, I might add).

    Having had little time to thrift and/or hunt down any large furry monsters this fall, I have gone without discussed coat this winter. With all the meek and mild temperatures we've had, I thought I'd be able to make it through with a properly calculated layering system. After today looks like I'm on the hunt for a Yeti.

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