Tuesday, 13 December 2011


    To me, a great editorial is like one of Salinger's Nine Stories; a short-lived and limited access into a character's world that leaves you nonetheless with a sense of having known them personally. It should leave you intrigued and yet, simultaneously remiss to actually meeting them, for fear of breaking that perfect little window that granted you their being.

    My craving for this perfection of character is usually, if not always, satiated by the editorials of Another Magazine (every magazine floor attendant has now learnt to fear my frazzled presence during the interstice weeks of the UK and Canadian release dates). In the current issue, there is such an example seen in 'PUNKATURE', the editorial shot by Nick Knight and styled by the lovely Alistair Mackie (one of my most loved stylists). All characterisation aside, the photography is stunning, and revisits the grittiness of 80s and 90s editorial.

    Anyways, enough words...on with the visuals!

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