Friday, 9 December 2011

Love Jules Leather

    Thursday marked the opening of Vancouver's annual One of a Kind Show. In search of unique gifts, and always on the look-out for local talents, a crafty compatriot and I set forth to the Convention Centre.

    After spending about 10 minutes debating over which delectable, deceptively edible-smelling soap to purchase from the Whipped stand (I ended up with the Lemon Pound Cake), I stumbled upon Love Jules Leather; a local leather goods company kindled by dynamic duo Jules Vagelatos, and Josh Blodans. Taking inspiration from the natural surroundings of their studio in Whistler, J and J collaborate in the creation of classic leather goods, with an urban and creative twist. Love Jules hand crafts one-of-a-kind pieces, ranging from belts, to wallets, key chains, and even fanny packs (fear not..for these are far from the 20lb pleather monstrosities your uncle may don).

     I however, fell in love with the company's latest project...SHOES. Combining the ever-so-hot-right-now boat shoe, the stylings of a moccasin, and vintage fabrics, Love Jules has spawned a whole new footwear category that any street shoe-fetishist would be blind to ignore.  

    To check out more of what Jules and Josh have to offer, explore HERE

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