Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hit the Ground Running; A First Draft

    'Tis the season for letting go of all inhibitions...Christmas, with all of its frivolities and family duties, and the New Years fete of a passing year drowned in Baby Duck, give us the excuse to frisk and fritter away the vast majority of December. Responsibilities, budgets, and dietary guidelines are left in the sparkling dust of jubilation and unbridled revelry.

     But now, a mere 3 sleeps away from 2012 (or 2, depending on how enthusiastic you are in greeting the New Year), I have started to reflect on how I will take on this fresh start...I want to hit the ground running. Thus, here is my 2012 List, first draft...

   1- Try my hand at interviews
   2- Finish saving for, and purchase a new computer (preferably one that doesn't frequently crash mid-post)
   3- Post at least 4 times a week
   4- Conquer my apprehensions of the gas pedal and learn to drive (I've been rocking an L for a period of time I don't wish to admit)
   5- Secure an internship, and network my way out of the stifling security of my current retail job
   6- Attend at least one local art/music/culture event bi-monthly
   7- Embark on a personal study of journalistic form (this one is my favorite because it means I get to read all of my coveted magazines and columns whilst learning)

...that's it, that's all for now. I'll save the rest for the New Years Day hangover, when I've finally had my fill of holiday hedonism.

What's on your list?

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