Tuesday, 5 February 2013

On Diversion and Vanity

   Alas! That limbo of the new year's early months is upon us. Cold, wet, and still nursing our financial holiday hangovers, we are confronted with the last dregs of tired Resort stock, in wait of better days whence we might be found basking in the crisp sun of spring, the lastest Sp/Su issues of our favorite magazines scintillating at our laps...

    Pine as we may, "It goes on", and it goes at its own pace, so best console our weary consumer minds with what's at hand. And let's face it, we don't have it so bad after all.

Designers Remix

Minju Kim - H&M Design Award


    The Fa/Wi '13 shows already having begun overseas, and set to launch tomorrow in New York, inquisitors of The Bold and New will be at a surplus of fantastic fodder on which to visually chew. Already, Copenhagen's Designer Remix has given us some lovely softly hued and sculpted pieces to nibble, and H&M Design Award's Minju Kim has given us an impressive hunk of boldly architectural  designs on which to gnaw (although I would advise the tri-colored furry onesie number for external use only).

    And yes, although the short wait for preferred bi-annual glossies' Sp/Su issues shall be met with rankled impatience (magazine department clerks, I am coming for you- once a day every day after overseas release dates...), a sort of middle course may be reached by grasping at the sneak previews of what is to come...

 ...Such as Garage's pre-launch leak of their latest issue which is to mull over the theme of 'Vanity', a topic of acceptable relevance given its origins. Most rousing though is the cover featured editorial, which lensed my Patrick Demarchelier, is inspired by the self-portraiture works of Cindy Sherman. Deriving a base from her recent MOMA exhibited work 'Untitled #461', and working with thatsmyface.com (where one may also take upon themselves to manufacture a minute action figure version of self), models were snapped in the season's finest clad in eerily identical masks.

"There was no better likeness to illustrate issues of identity and facelessness in the fashion industry.", editor Dasha Zhukova opined.

    I guess we'll just have to wait to see what other vain reflections Garage has to make, with issues hitting the shelves this Saturday. In the meantime...on with Fall/Winter on the runway, and cheers to an early spring!

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