Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Decent Proposal

    Relinquish your offspring wardrobe vigil, and hang up your As Seen On Tv Cleavage Covers (or better yet burn them...your girls deserve better than a cheap polyester loincloth in 3 'easy-to-match' colors). For the upcoming Fall season, it looks as though bosoms be bridled across the board. Abstemiously buttoned collared shirts, collar-bone covering boat-necks, and shallow scoops prevailed on the runways, and on many, conquest of neck territory was driven even further north with collars of the banded variety.

    Whether they were the chunky knit contrasts of Simone Rocha,  the clean moulded neck-huggers of J.W. Anderson, the silky swathings of Rodarte, or the tops of peek-a-boo onesie thermals at The Row, band collars seemed to be top contenders for the upper regions in this season's showings. At Genny, they were so paramount as to have actually negated the rest of the shirt in a couple of the looks...

Jaimee Mckenna (CSM)
Simone Rocha
The Row
J.W. Anderson
Helmut Lang
Christopher Kane

Rachel Comey


    ...Granny and Fathers of tweeny-boppers across the globe rejoice. As for me, I'll have to start working on my neck-lengthening exercises. As a short-haired human, one welcomes the notion of a cozy collar. As a short-necked human, one worries about asphyxiation...

On with Fall! 

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