Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sketch Sense: Cecilia Carlstedt

    I will not, as most others on this day of "the beginning of spring", be filling this post with the pastel-hued visual equivalents to equinoctial frolicking. If you are one amongst the Vancouver inhabitants currently hiding out behind mugs of tea, or bravely (and ineffectually) duelling the gusts of frigid wind with your umbrella, you might understand the acerbity of this dissent. 

    So if you're looking for a re-post op of downy lambs or the freckled mosaic of sunlight on tulips, you might try the blogs of those residing in L.A.

    What you will find however, is an additional 'YEA' in the generational debate over whether fashion illustration still maintains relevance and weight... 

    ...which, as evidenced by Cecilia Carlstedt's work for the likes of W Mag, Swarovski, The Wild, and J. Lindeberg, has proven to be less of verbal tete-a-tete, and more of a "shut up and just LOOK at what these folks are doing" kind of scenario. 

    It was therefore with joy and the slight alleviation of my seasonal impatience that I discovered that Tony Glenville (Creative Director of the School of Media and Communications at the London College of Fashion), will be releasing a tome dedicated to the plight of the New School for old-school illustrators. The book, which will feature the work of the lovely Cecilia C., identifies and profiles the renderings of 28 of today's contemporary illustration icons. Perhaps something to take our minds off of our drenched disappointment whilst we wait for this 'Spring' to arrive?

New Icons of Fashion Illustration is set to be released in April, and may be found here

For more C.C. delights, check out her website

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