Sunday, 2 October 2011


    Some of my most fondest memories were of those mornings when I was awoken by my parents to leave for our summer camping trips. It would be dark and quiet, the only sounds in the pre-morning hour being the rustle of last minute preparations, the shuffle of sleep-laden feet to the car. I would be held in a kind of suspended state...somewhere between the oppressive remnants of slumber, and the quivering anticipation of a new adventure.
    Why the sudden nostalgia? Tomorrow brings a not-so-bright and early departure to Tofino, where I will finally get the chance to get up and surf some waves (well, we'll have to see about the getting up part). Sure, the weather forecast is looking rather menacing, and yes, the water will be rather frigid, but I am excited nonetheless.

   We'll see if my summer diet of Pabst and cigarettes has left me with a Wave Warrior physique. But hey, so long as you have a theme song, you're practically a pro right? So here is mine... let's hope it pumps me up enough to battle through and catch some surf...


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