Monday, 17 October 2011

Hidden Gems

It was my much anticipated First Day of Kindergarten, and I donned my most cherished frock for the occasion, lifting if ceremoniously from my bed where it had been laid out the evening prior, and slipping it on with the clumsiness prone to short stubby fingers. I stood admiring my work in the mirror before being whisked out the door, daydreaming of the friends I would make.

Fastforeward to morning recess. In an attempt to impress, I had shown off my signature Upside Down monkey bar routine, displaying to all underpants. Thus ensued my decade long tomboy phase.

Although I have come a long way in making ammends with the limitations of skirts, dresses, and other feminine wares, I will always be a tomboy at heart. For this reason, I am loving this street amical merger of the fabulous, and the dressed down casual of menswear... 

Courtesy of Fashionologie

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