Monday, 7 January 2013

A Cure For Your Case

    Hold yer huff all ye Garfields out there, and rise up from your weekend-end woes; this Monday was a delight. Not only did it see the debut of London Collection's second season of menswear, but delectation aplenty from New York's fashion finest Pre-Fall presentations. So much goodness, the afflictions of a long and brackish day of work are all but forgotten. So be healed and behold some of today's gems... 

    According to Philo, it was "Dressing up in a romantic, traditional way," at CELINE, but I would beg to differ on that last bit. No qualms here though, because in any case it was a dime of a collection. The deliciously easy slack of a wide-legged trouser, the crisply tailored volume play of a pant-suit, the reinvented resurgence of a familiar peplum, and capacious textured coats...worth a thousand Monday wake-up calls. 

    Signature exaggerations of proportion and volume were reflections of the cumbersomely padded look of Swedish winter wares at ACNE STUDIOS. Taking inspiration from portraits of renowned Swedish artist August Strindberg, and then (true to Acne form) generally amplifying, the collection saw voluminous A-line silhouettes, the return of the vast bell sleeve, and a rather fantastic Dalmatian type printed ensemble. 

      Finishing up with the boys (because what better way to send you off to your Monday night slumbers), I bestow upon your eyeballs the wonders of MAN's CRAIG GREEN. His carpentry skills may have been a little more, shall we say, haphazard than in his house frame-working days at Saint Martins', but his collection was without a doubt the standout the show. Deriving a utilitarian aesthetic from blue-collar workwear and labour uniforms (see tough-looking fabrics, fraying knits, and boxy silhouettes), Green worked in elements of novelty through hyper-crinkle fabric and glimmer panels on shirt-fronts. Derangements of painted wooden slats shrouded faces and completed the fantastically honed deftness for DIY that the fashion crowd has come to know and love of this up-and-comer. Here's an enthusiastic YEA! for the notion that next season sees a fully eponymous Craig Green showing...

    Alas, I must end here...having your faith in the most hated day of the week restored is tiring business. More and more runway pleasures coming your way and getting you through the rest of the work week though as the Pre-Fall and Fall presentations sashay on.

Happy Monday to you!

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