Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Haider Ackermann

     For the Au/Wi of 2011 season, Haider Ackermann set the world of womenswear elegantly aflame. So entrancingly did he destroy our preconceptions of what it means to be a woman, that we had not the time to care of what we left behind, but only to wait in anticipation for what would next transcend on his runway. All sat, still smoking, and waiting with bated breath for his presentation of the Spring 2012 season...

 And disappoint us, he did not.

    Displaying once again a savvy for intriguing composition (see his layering of washed leather vests under silk suit jackets), and a mastery of color so strong as to rival Yves Saint Laurent, Haider proved once again to be a virtuoso of design. As the models glided on flat-soled oxfords with slow pace and ease of manner, I was reminded of the late shows of Romeo Gigli.The whole experience felt unmarkable in time, the models, of some beautiful new gender where the masculine strength of form and womanly softness of silhouette blend together in harmony. In a time where the future seems to wield a man more confident in his femininity, and a woman in her power, Haider Ackermann's collection could not come at a better time.

"I want her to be that luxury of decadence to let everything go.", said he, backstage as an explanation for the wonders we had seen.

And our response to that do we.
See full coverage on the show HERE


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