Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Maison Scotch

     At the beginning of every season, the wind brings a fresh, distinctive scent to the air. Whether it be the warm, molasses slow trickle of summer, or the sharp mint crisp of winter, I find myself stressed and hard-pressed to gather and sort the sundry trends of the upcoming Now. So multifaceted is my repertoire of runway-ogling that when the time comes to define my 'new' style, I am overwhelmed with possibility.
     What I have come to realize, is that despite my carefully coveted multitudes of fashion heart-aches, I am, in fact, a Simple Girl. When Fashion Week rolls in, I am swept up in the glamorous, the bold, the fantastic...but in the end, what I feel most comfortable in is a perhaps-too-well-loved sweater, broken-in jeans, and scuffed leather boots. And you know what? It doesn't make me any the less a devotee to the world of fashion...just maybe less of a slave to the Must-have, Must-wear world.

So the platform for my fall look, you ask?...

Vive la simplicité!

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